Cousin Alice sent a nightlite.

Flash forward to midnight feedings

Paranoid, checking breathing

Quiet tv playing in the background

Rocking chair at full speed.

She really will be here. Miriam Phoenix.


Cousin Alice sent a nightlite.

Flashback to clinging to dragonfly signs from Noah

It gave us peace for just a few moments when they appeared.

Dragonflies swooping and levitating still.

We believe it’s our boy visiting. We really do.

Cousin Alice sent a nightlite.

Awake at 1am 2am 3am

Just awake.

Opening the refrigerator over and over and over

Waiting for the perfect snack to magically appear.

Pretty glow of the kitchen makes this life feel like a movie

Plot unfolding as I watch.

————————————————————————-Cousin Alice sent a nightlite.

This glow will carry on as long as my days

And light the nights of sweet Miriam Phoenix

as she grows to watch her movie plot unfold.

Cousin Alice sent a nightlite.14683836419991013541717





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