I Suck At Gardening

20160819_155516I think I may be watering weeds. I’m not quite sure. The packets of seeds showed flowers but something went terribly wrong. I found that big painting of what flowers are supposed to look like in someone’s garbage. It has a rip or two in the canvas but I still love it. It’s big and pretty and I hung it with twine over the rail of our deck. I’ve had some luck with the two tomato plants I bought this year. My tomatoes were small and perfect.

At first, I was so disappointed my flowers didn’t really bloom. And then I resigned myself to growing the healthiest weeds I could. They’re tall and green and have a beauty all unto themselves. I love the crappy wooden planters they’re growing in. It reminds me of barnwood. I move my pots of weeds around until I like where they are placed. I think next year, I’ll plant artificial flowers.

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