Eat ‘Em Up…Yum

Just reminding myself of some things at a time of some stress…



I put this whole pancake syrup container in my mouth at lunch the other day. Unopened. I was demonstrating to a friend the level of stress eating I was at lately. If it’s not nailed down and is remotely edible, I will put it in my mouth.

I’ve tried to start being more aware of what my triggers are. It’s like having an ‘out of body’ experience. I watch myself as I eat another unsatisfying and poorly made bagel with insane amounts of butter. Or another slightly stale cookie or potato chips.

It doesn’t matter if I have a protein bar, placed smugly in my purse that morning with the best intentions. I will eat that sucker too. And sometimes not even remembering the first bite to the last.

I can’t stress enough how I’ve never been a skinny mini. I’ve always liked to eat what I wanted when I wanted. It’s not the weight I’m…

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