How My Feeble Attempt At a Garden Just Saved a Man’s Life

As I start thinking about this year’s garden, this blog post from last year reminds me how important planting seeds can be. I’m thinking about how I’ve grown in the last year. I require indirect sunlight and a sprinkling of water but sake works too.


I’ve planted a garden. In pots and rectangular planters. We picked out seed packets together at Home Depot a few weeks ago, choosing simply by picture or name. I chose forget-me-nots like choosing a racehorse at the track. I just loved the name. Sweet William and Teddy Bear Sunflowers also made the cut. The herb of the season will be cilantro and just for fun, some catnip. I’ve decorated the planters with small disco balls from a New Year’s champagne display. Funky versions of a classic gazing ball.

This morning, on my day off, I was outside on the deck watering these little pots of soil and seed. Cloudy and cool, I heard a guttural yell. I looked out to the street and saw a man I didn’t know fall on the sidewalk against a rough brick retaining wall. I saw him seizing and shaking. I ran inside to get the…

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2 thoughts on “How My Feeble Attempt At a Garden Just Saved a Man’s Life

  1. This happened one year ago. I haven’t seen this neighbor, Jamie, since. But I’d never seen him before that day anyway. The fire captain has become a recurring character in some other stories but I haven’t had a chance to talk to him since. I see him coming home sometimes. It was weird, re-reading this story one year later. I got different feelings about it. This intersection of people felt more important this time. I can’t explain why. But I do know I will always think of Jamie whenever I’m home alone watering plants in my yearly “feeble attempt at a garden.” Miss you.


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