The Mystery of a Day

How will a day end? It’s impossible to know.

We start our mornings with coffee and showers. We scroll the news and Facebook on our phones while we stand at the mirror. Makeup applied, shaving, brushing, preening, pruning.

We know what is planned for the day. But we don’t know what is not. And sometimes that fact, if I think too hard about it, can be crippling.

We put on our game faces and gather up our game plans.

“Time to start our day!” I say to Miriam when I wake her.

“What day is today?” she always asks.

We know how the day starts. But how will today end? Better or worse than the day before? Happily uneventful? Some good news? Some great news? Some sad news?

This is how my day started today. Sunlight streaming into our kitchen. All smiles. Enough to carry me through, however it may end.



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