Can Ya’ Hear Me Now?

Reposting this story from this day last year. Because I’m cranky, I’m have cramps, and this made me smile. Enjoy!


20160717_142044As I signed Miriam out of school the other day, she made sure to say goodbye to the director, Miss Cindy sitting nearby. Suddenly, with great urgency, this 3 and 1/2 year old powerhouse also recounted her weekend adventure to her.

“Bye Miss Cindy! I rode on an elephant and a train and a merry-go-round and I put my feet in the sand and I went on the potty but it was too loud and I cried!”

When Miss Cindy’s head stopped spinning with all this information that was just adorably spewed upon her, she simply replied with a smile and a “Wow!”

That’s all Miriam wanted to hear. Just to be acknowledged. Just to share her thoughts and excitement. The accomplishment of overcoming the fear of the loudly echoing auto-flushing toilet. Well, she didn’t really overcome it. I had to hold her above the toilet as she screamed her head off amidst bikini clad…

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