Always Kiss the Boo-Boo’s


I had a cut on my back about a week ago. And you weren’t home to put a bandage on for me. I couldn’t reach the spot myself. So I positioned myself as best I could in front of the mirror and slapped a big bandage on the small bleeding spot. The bandage was dramatically bigger than it needed to be. But I knew I’d have a better chance of getting this awkward maneuver right the first time if I used a giant bandage.

And I did. I got the bandage where it needed to go. The bleeding stopped and I was ok. But it would’ve been better if you were there to help.

You are going away for a few days. For work. That’s really the only reason we are ever apart overnight. And while we drive each other crazy sometimes and have days where we pass like ships in the night because of our schedules, I will be out of whack the next few days. Because we’ve made a life together. And we promised to put band-aids on each other in hard to reach places, and kiss boo-boos big and small. Real and imagined. Physical and emotional.

And while I got the bandage on my hard to reach spot by myself, it would’ve been easier if you were there. And there would’ve been a kiss to make it better.

So while you’re gone for a few days, I will handle everything with some awkward maneuvers. But it will always be better when you’re there. Always.

Now go have some fun. And we will be waiting for you when you get back. Boo-boo free.


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