New Beginnings Everyday


A few weeks ago I won a contest. Basha Healing Bracelets asked the question “Which of our bracelets would you like to have and why?” All the bracelets are beautiful with different stones meant for different purposes. I was instantly drawn to the bracelet called “Awakening-New Beginnings”. I answered that life is all about new beginnings large and small. Everyday. Every single day.

And I won! And a few days later I was wearing this bracelet. And thinking about my answer. The list of new beginnings in our lives is endless if you really think about it. Not just the obvious stuff like romances and friendships and jobs and classes and diets and exercise. But new beginnings in how we think. About ourselves and others. What we learn about each other everyday.

As I reached for my daughter’s Minnie Mouse cup on the ledge by the kitchen sink, I thought back to how many new beginnings I’ve had. How many times I’ve been persistent. And how many times I’ve given up. This bracelet, these stones… are a reminder that I can’t get it right every time. But to keep trying. Just keep trying.

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