Permission Slip

We all have something that triggers a panic or unpleasant feeling in us. It’s highly personal. And it’s valid. Even though others may tell you it isn’t, I give you permission to feel it. And do whatever you need to do to get through it. You don’t have to face every fear..


Trauma triggers are kinda like being in a live action video game. You trot along through buildings and streets, sometimes with peppy theme music playing in your head. Leaping over obstacles, mentally scoring points and winning prizes. Suddenly the trigger appears and it sends you frantically running backwards and erratically all over your inner game screen. And oftentimes no one can even see you in that frantic state. You look perfectly jolly and peppy to them. Well, I’m here to say I SEE YOU. And it’s ok. Run backwards and sideways all you need. Hit restart as much as you need. And I hope someday you get enough points to win the prize you want.

When I see an image of water on television, especially if filmed from underneath the surface, my throat closes, my heart races and a cold sweat starts almost immediately. I turn my head to the…

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One thought on “Permission Slip

  1. Thank You for this. Uggghh what a scary feeling when you re visit a place that is painful or unpleasant. I have a few and I do run and hold my stomach. I love you😘

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