Been a long time…

Is there anyone out there?? I have all but forsaken my blog! Been doing lots of re-imagining what and how I want to write. Things have changed so much since I started this from-the-heart project in 2016 (??) I don’t believe I have to choose just one direction…wine, humor, grief, pure mundane silliness. I can write about anything! So if I come out all disjointed, stick with me if I keep your interest. I’m re-inventing and going off in all different directions personally and professionally.

You may see wine recommendations juxtaposed with my mundane and weird life. You may see an emotional purge. You may see an anecdote about a squirrel. I’m not going to overthink. But I am going to give some attention again to this blog until it organically turns into whatever comes next.

My mother on the right (in white) dancing with her cousin Dolores (red) and friend Sandy (b&w) I’m more like her than I ever knew. She just kept dancing as best she could. Now I’m dancing for her…

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