All Unshowered and No Place To Go…


I get a day like this once a week.  I get one day that Miriam is in school, Hal is at work, and I am off from my job. I always have big plans for this day. I think about it all week long. Here’s a portion of how this To-Do List looks in my head.

  • Put all laundry away. Remove all clothes from closets that don’t fit. Mine and Miriam’s. Rehang in closet by color and season.
  • Clean guinea pig cage. Create crafty toy for pig out of empty paper towel rolls and twine.  *Check Pinterest for inspiration.
  • Organize upstairs unused playroom. Turn into magical fairyland with Christmas lights and faux flowers from A.C. Moore. *Check for coupon online. Subdivide fairyland into art area  *Train Miriam to use paint only in that area.
  • Create shabby chic office for myself on sun porch.
  • Buy cat litter and cat food.
  • Get a manicure. Ten dollars is ok. Do not let them talk you into a gel manicure for $35. *Have valid excuses ready. It will be stressful. Be prepared.
  • Come up with a crock pot repertoire. Or any kind of repertoire really. Just one thing that doesn’t involve creamed soup or chicken.

Here’s what is actually happening:

  • Got Miriam to school 45 minutes later than I should have. She was really enjoying Nightmare Before Christmas on the DVR and so was I.
  • Went to the bank. Sat in parking lot for 20 minutes looking at Facebook and answering work emails.
  • Started the car back up and tried to decide if I should go for a manicure as a treat but decided I didn’t have the willpower to resist the gel manicure hard sell.
  • Sat in the car in the driveway because I suddenly got really tired and then realized I was having an anxiety attack instead. Watched a squirrel play outside the car for awhile and contemplated sleeping right where I was behind the steering wheel.
  • On Hal’s advice, drank a teeny bit of whiskey to calm me down and help take the edge off my teeth grinding pain.
  • Realized I’d just wasted 40 minutes watching Dr. Phil. That really pissed me off. Changed channel to documentary about the Titanic.
  • Accept the fact that the upstairs fairlyland/art area is not happening today.
  • Think about creating shabby chic office for myself on sun porch, roughly the size of a chalk outline of my body. *Treat myself to a new pillow to sit on. Face facts that the melted butter stain is not coming out of my old one.
  • Set alarm on cell phone and attempt to meditate/sleep while listening to truck repeatedly back up outside. Beep. beep. beep. beep. Become one with the beeping.

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