My Power of Suggestion Epic Fail…


Chicken nuggets. No vegetable side. Just chicken nuggets. I have tried throughout my daughter Miriam’s 3 years of life to give her vegetables and in the early days, it was going okay. Not great. But okay. Occasionally there would be some smiles about peas or cauliflower. We even had about a week of joy involving broccoli. But gradually it all started going downhill. We were once again reduced to chicken nuggets.

Preschool lunches are chicken nuggets or macaroni and cheese in her blue thermos. She likes her food cold or room temperature. Warm is sometimes negotiable. I have tried sending the side of carrots or peas or broccoli only for it to come back home in her Peppa Pig lunchbox. No, she doesn’t want cheese sauce on any vegetables. Thanks for asking, though. 😉

So last night we sat on the couch together watching her new obsession “A Nightmare Before Christmas” and discussed Jack and Sally and Oogie Boogie and what she wants to be for Halloween in her ever changing list. She had a bowl of cut up chicken nuggets and I had a giant bowl of carrots. Just carrots. a little salt and a little butter. But a lot of carrots.

“Hey, look what Mommy is eating!”

“OOh carrots!” she said.

“Want one?” I asked as nonchalantly as possible. I held it out on my fork with a sweet innocent “mommy is about to outsmart you” smile.

“Nope.” Just a simple self-satisfied nope. Ok, Miriam. I see how it is.

I ate that whole damn bowl of carrots. I totally enjoyed them too. I will try again. But I will not lose sleep over it. She will eat vegetables eventually. She will most likely love them one day. She loves to talk about them and identify them. She will take that relationship one step further soon.

*LATE BREAKING NEWS! In our late night trip to supermarket last night (she insisted on coming with me for a cat food emergency) Miriam picked out a new pet of sorts. She fell in love with an orange pepper. We bought it. She held it in the car. She refused my offers of slicing it up for her. Instead she held it on the couch like a teddy bear and licked it. Hal and I just smiled.


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