I Need a Hug


Miriam fell out of her bed last night. That’s the first time it’s happened. I heard her struggling and making sounds and then I heard her say something that sounded like “I need a hug”. And then soft crying for mommy.

I went into her room and there she was. Tangled in her princess blanket on the floor, confused and exhausted. If I had to put the scene together like an episode of CSI, I’d say it appeared she was trying to get to her new friend a few feet away from her big girl bed. R2D2. Oh, and he’s a garbage can by the way.

She’s really hit it off with R2. He used to be Daddy’s friend. But since R2 met Miriam,  they are inseparable. Miriam carries him from room to room. Good thing we don’t have many rooms. R2 is kind of awkward.

Tonight R2 has a toy pig and two troll figures in his belly. And he’s standing right next to his Princess Miriam’s bed. She’s almost asleep.

Sometimes we all need a hug in the middle of the night. Hug a pillow. Hug a significant other. Dreams of hugging a secret crush or a celebrity. Dreams of hugging a loved one no longer here to hug. Hug a well-worn stuffed animal or the book we fell asleep reading. Hug yourself to stay warm on this freezing windy night. Find what gives you comfort. And hug it. Anytime you like. Even in the middle of the night. Even if it’s an R2D2 garbage can.



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